The Free 5-Day Game Changing Challenge 

Reveals How To Lead Your Horse With Confidence 

By Doing Groundwork That Works!

LEAD With Confidence

A 5-day free online training to get you ready for spring riding

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Lead with Confidence is a 5 day Free Training for horseowners and handlers who have lost their confidence or trust in their horse, and are ready to take back the control in their horse relationship.

Building Trust and Confidence is about teamwork - it is just as important for you as for your horse.

During this 5 day training we will cover

Day 1 - Mindset - Trust

Day 2 - Leading - Moving the feet

Day 3 - Behaviorism - Listening to your horse

Day 4 - Release the Tension 

Day 5 - The Pre-Checklist - Your Tool To Get ready to ride 

Start date: Monday 15th February 2021   


# Have lost your confidence and feel nervous or anxious around your horse?

# Think too much about what might happen and that you might not be able to control your horse

# Have a horse that does not seem to be able to relax or listen to you.

# Have lots of excuses not to ride, or to do anything with your horse

# Don't trust your horse

# Have your horse at home, or at a small livery, with little or no consistency in your training 

Horse training is a journey of trust and confidence-building – for both you and your horse!

It will set you both up for success, whether it is for daily success in your relationship, daily training, or for competitions.

It all starts with trust and confidence - it all starts on the ground 

Hi, I'm Carol

I am an Equestrian Alignment Coach and I help female horseowners and handlers to regain trust and confidence in themselves and their horse.

I believe that horse training should be about

* Simplicity in every step and at any level

* Joy and Fun for both you and your horse

* Mutual Trust and Respect

* Confidence building 

* Tension- and Stress Free training 

Some Reasons To Sign Up

I Will Share With You How To Improve The Connection and Relationship with your Horse

It Will Be Simple Steps For You To Follow 

Top Tips for progress!

You can ask questions and have feedback on your work.

LEAD With Confidence

A 5-day free online training to get you ready for spring riding

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